how to deal with feeling sad

How to deal with feeling sad

Very often we are too quick with a judgment and a dismissal. Without experiencing to the full what is going on, we run away from it. Fearful that it is too painful or too difficult.

However, every event in life has two sides and in order to get the full value of it, it is paramount to pay attention to both sides.

Let me explain this with an example around sadness.

Recently, I had an interesting weekend with a variety of intense activities, a lot of emotions and definitely a decent amount of sadness. All in all, it was a great weekend, which shows that sadness not necessarily is a negative thing.

Challenging, yes. Difficult, yes. And……. beautiful.

How to deal with feeling sad: The range of sad experiences during one weekend:

  1. Feeling sad about saying goodbye at an airport is also a celebration of the love you feel for that person.
  2. I scattered the ashes of my younger sister. No other family was involved. A weird combination of sadness and satisfaction, as it felt as if I had brought her home, after her tough life.
  3. We met up with university friends and talked about the past. Very moving how one of them had picked up on tough stuff that was happening to me at that time, which I had kept secret. Visiting the ‘secret’ made me sad, but also happy, as I have moved on and learned valuable lessons.
  4. One friend is going through difficult times with a seriously ill child and the sadness around this life event brought us all closer together.

Just 4 examples of how sadness can be looked at.

Every event and every emotion has these two sides: the one that is in your face and the other side, often invisible until you start looking for it.

My tip: when you notice a difficult emotion, acknowledge it for what it is.

Don’t judge it as negative, as it is just what it is. And see if you can find the other side. It will enrich your life and your experiences. Life coaching can help you to discover both sides. If you want to have a chat with me about your challenges around challenging feelings, just book a free clarity session by clicking here, and choose your slot.

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