How to diet and stick to it

Diet stress is immense during parties. Who doesn’t feel sorry for themselves, when on a diet and being at a party? Everybody is happily sipping their prosecco, but you. Tucking into a selection of canapes that all look delish’ and you don’t join in.


What I recommend is to go prepared. Eat beforehand, take snacks with you, drink water out of a champagne flute, so at first sight you aren’t any different from the others, take a few moments to center yourself and remind yourself why you are on a diet: what are the reasons, the positives?

When surrounded by temptation, what makes someone give in or stay put? There is no specific research, but what I can say, based on working with clients for over 15 years, and my personal experience is that the reasons for giving into the temptation are:

  1. Feeling sorrow for yourself and focussing on what you miss out……
  2. Feeling tired with no energy for a ‘battle’
  3. Wanting to blend in with everybody else
  4. Being hungry or unsatisfied
  5. Being fed up with being perfect
  6. Just want to let rip and come up with the never-ever working idea that from tomorrow I will never-ever do this again. Typical bulimia and other eating disorder behaviour
  7. Thinking you can handle a little bit of a treat

The ways to make it easy to not give into temptation are:

  1. Focus on what you want to achieve
  2. Make sure your eating is not battle but a pleasure
  3. Don’t focus on what you miss out on
  4. Make sure you are not hungry
  5. Remind yourself that healthy eating is good for you
  6. Be realistic and admit that ‘tomorrow I will change’ is always one day away and you know that doesn’t work…
  7. Be kind to yourself, give yourself positive reinforcement for not giving in and feel proud of yourself

One of the activities you can start is give your mind a break and do a meditation.

Experienced ex-bulimia coach

If you struggle with sticking to a diet, you know that it has nothing to do with just will power. There is an underlying sabotaging power at work and if you want to discover more:

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