how to diet successfully

How to diet successfully – Happy minds, happy dieting, happy success

Losing weight is never down to a diet, but more to your mindset. Your mind will determine if this your attempt is going to be successful or not. It is not about being positive or willpower, it is about being realistic and finding a positive way in the journey. Based on my work with clients and my own experiences as an ex-bulimic, I would suggest you apply the three rules below to reach the state of permanent weightloss.

Admit your unhappiness

A positive attitude is often confused as positive thinking. Research has shown that ignoring the negative aspects in our life doesn’t give you a positive attitude. Deliberately suppressing negative thoughts will make you more aware of them (like the dieter who is not allowed chocolate will see chocolate everywhere and feel a strong longing for it). Acknowledging the negatives, without being judgemental about it, will help you to achieve a positive attitude.

If you want to lose weight, for whatever reasons (health, beauty), it is important to acknowledge that you are not happy with your current state, not as an emotion or judgment, just as a fact. Looking at your situation in all honesty, will help you to be more positive about the chances of success!

How to diet successfully – Don’t think of depriving yourself

The more you think about what you can’t have, the stronger the desire beomes. When dieting, it is the lure of forbidden items such as chocolate, cream, wine, burgers or sweets that you will see everywhere. When you feel deprived, you become a victim and will start thinking in terms of ‘poor me’. Change your approach from ‘forbidden’ to ‘allowed – with the consequence of not helping your weight loss’. You always have a choice and you are always in charge of your choices.

Response positively

Lots of people are used to looking at situations from the negative only. A long standing invoice has been paid at last. The positive person will say: ‘Great, we got the money’, the negative person will say: ‘It was about time we got paid’. Clearly, this is not contributing to a positive experience of life! Pay attention to your reaction of all sorts of events and if you notice the negativity, tell yourself the other side as well.

Having lost weight in your first week of dieting, but not as much as you were hoping for, the positive person will say: ‘Great, I made a start, I am on my way.’ The negative person will comment: ‘I have worked so hard at it and the result is not good enough. Where did I go wrong?’ This is making a potential positive experience into a negative one making it much harder to continue.

How to diet successfully – Conclusion

Dieters are used to beating themselves up and it doesn’t do them any favours. Create a positive frame of mind, allow for positive and negative elements of the process to be there and keep a fixed eye on the ultimate aim. If you understand the impact of the mind and are looking for a healthy way of losing weight, check out The Successful Mindset to Eatwright – an online programme: 3 weeks of fun, self-discovery, support through our secret FB page, expert tips and long lasting results. Average weight loss after 3 weeks is 7lbs / 3 kilograms. Cost £42

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