A-levels results

This week is a big week for A-levels students and their parents. Why? The results will be known on Thursday morning at 8 am. A piece of paper that will be the reward for hard work or not such hard work and more importantly that will shape the lives of both students and parents for the next few years.

The big challenge at the moment is the waiting time. There is nothing that anyone can do and that is a pretty grim situation. It makes you feel powerless and with that comes anxiety and stress. It is very easy to get totally wound up by thinking of the impact of the message on that little piece of paper on Thursday.

Stop thinking ‘what if’

What if……… and the ‘what if’ answers will all be negative and dark. No one will think ‘Oh what if he has only A*s?’

Prevent yourself thinking the ‘what if’ question and scenarios. Stop thinking about Thursday morning full stop.

It is in no way helpful for your well-being.

Stop the anxiety

If from time to time the suffocating anxiety pops up, then watch this video. It gives you a very easy exercise. Try it out and you can check out on my Facebook page, a longer version.

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