Let’s talk stress in a down to earth manner, in a manner that matters, about how it feels to be stressed. Not about hormones, or how it damages your body, but just how you experience feeling stressed. Are you like a lot of other people? Telling me that their stress feels like a dark, dark cloud, hanging over you, always there, travelling with you, even when you are in the sunshine. A cloud that is unsettling, sleep depriving, and making you feel out of control…….

Stress is that tense tightness in your stomach, the tension in your shoulders and your clenched jaws.. Even if you realise that you are stressed, your mind and body are just hanging on to it and you don’t know what to do about it. How do you attack a cloud?

Let me tell you, you can’t attack a cloud because there is nothing to hold on to. Cut through air, nothing happens, grab it, you can’t catch it, blow it away, if only you could.

You can not fight a cloud.

What you can do……. Is looking at what makes the cloud so dark…. And I can help you with that. I have defined 6 different elements that colour or darken your cloud. And knowing how strong each element affects your cloud, offers you the option to tackle them, one at the time.

‘Give your stress wings, and let it fly away…..’

‘Thanks for offering me the clarity; all of a sudden I understood what I could do to change my stress levels and it worked wonders’. Allan Davies, Weybridge

If you want to discover more about your stress cloud, book my stress personality audit and receive a clear analysis of what your stress is about, plus tips, specifically for you, to reduce your stress. Cost for your audit plus tips, and a telephone conversation of 20 minutes for only £39.99.

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