What doesn’t really work in your life?

I’ll confess: I will never be a domestic goddess. My husband admires me for the pace in which I design encrusted surfaces and create chaos. Organising cupboards would be a new experience and I just bought a new bin, because the old one was incredibly dirty and I didn’t want to clean it. In other words, I am a domestic disaster.

The interesting thing is that I buy loads of cleaning stuff. Anything new on the market you can find in my house. As it is not really being used, it stays new.

I can hear the question coming up: ‘Why do you buy stuff you don’t use?’

And my answer is: ‘Because it makes me feel good. It is as if I have done the job by making the first step.’

The relevance of this little story is that lots of us set a first step and then get stuck. You want to change, and even though it doesn’t come naturally to you, you know you would benefit. I am thinking of those of you who regularly buy self-help books in order to sort yourself out. Some might even have started reading a few chapters, do one of the exercises but then ‘forgot about it’.

It is the same principle as I apply to cleaning. I know it is an important job and I buy what I think I need. Then I am not quite sure where to start and how to do it. It seems so overwhelming that I just leave it.

What do I have to do?

The thing to do is of course: be honest with myself – stop saying ‘I will do it from next week’, knowing that I won’t do it – and look for support or ask for help. Instead of selfsabotaging, I have to admit that I can’t do it by myself. I need support. I can’t clean, but now I have found the lovely Marie  who is helping me with it.

Maybe that is why I hate perfectionist…..

And what about you?

  • Looking at your bookshelf filled with Self help books, but you haven’t changed?
  • Your gym membership you have never used?
  • The plan to lose weight but never got started with a diet?

I am happy to help you to get passed your first step and find out what you really need to make the changes you are looking for. Stop that selfsabotaging behaviour and reach out. Help is here, just take it. Book a FREE Clarity Call with me and get moving.