morning routine tips

Morning routine tips

A guest blog about a morning routine that will kickstart your day by Chris.

Still, wondering how to boost your performance at work? Do you easily get tired in the first few hours of your shift? Are you the type of person who wants to have energy reserves even after going home because you badly needed it to do your other responsibilities or to work on your hobbies? Do you want an overall increase in your health points so you can tackle most of the things that may come on your way throughout the day? If you answered “yes” in any of the questions asked above, this article is just right for you as we will let you know how to kick-start your morning with these 5 mindful and stress-free techniques.

  1. Wake up earlier than usual

It makes a big difference to wake up earlier than usual as it will let you do so many more things before actually going to work. Twenty to forty minutes will do the trick, and will still give you ample time to relax while planning out things that you would like to do for the entire day, giving you less anxiety and decrease the potential stress levels compared to if you planned on the spot.

  1. Do some stretching and breathing exercises

You may do either a complete yoga session or a deep meditation if you’ve done a good job in doing the first one listed here. But if you want a laxer way in doing this second technique, a simple five-minute to ten-minute aerobics exercise where you count from one to eight and vice versa is good enough. Doing some stretching and breathing exercises will pump up your blood with beneficial oxygen so it will be ready by the time you are already set to go out.

  1. Go outside, connect with nature

If you want a more direct method on how to recharge your energy first thing in the morning, all you have to do is go outside and let the mild rays of the sun touch your skin. Do not do this when it’s half near noon onwards though because it will only damage your skin instead of getting enough supply of Vitamin D and other benefits like having protection from melanoma and lower blood pressure  – one of the reasons why the advice to wake up earlier than usual is listed in the first one.

  1. Enjoy a warm glass of lemon juice

There are many benefits in drinking a warm glass of lemon juice every morning. It aids in digestion by serving as a morning laxative that helps our digestive system prevent constipation. The Vitamin C that exists in lemons helps prevent wrinkling of skin which improves your overall skin health. It also helps in hydration because the enjoyable taste of lemon juice may trigger one’s sense to drink more water every morning. Then tuck into a few stress-reducing berries and you are off to a great start.

Take a break from your devices

Did you know that a simple viewing of your computer or mobile just as you’ve woken up damages your eye tissues more than expected that also results in heightened stress levels of the said tissues? It is because every time we wake up, our eyes go in a state of adjusting from the sudden rays of light that force their way in our line of sight. A “still-waking-up” eye is pretty sensitive from mid to high levels of light and a sudden burst of light, as well as radiation coming from our devices, is harmful which isn’t really good to start the day.

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