An Xmas present from the heart

‘I didn’t know I could feel that relaxed’ – Johnny

What to give your loved one? Another perfume, more jewellery? A wallet which is not needed or maybe an experience?

Experiences are the presents that become more valuable over time. Goods lose their shine and prettiness and you might remember the first scratch on your brand new car. Where research shows that we remember the positives of an experience and forget the negatives. A memory becomes better over time. Like the wonderful holidays that started with a long delay of the flight. Our memories of the delay don’t overshadow the memories of the wonderful time away.

A loving experience, where you are being looked after and offered a relaxing experience, feeling rejuvenated and de-stressed is maybe just what your loved one needs.

You can get a range of vouchers from me:

  1. mental massage – a one-hour mindfulness meditation session on the beanbags plus downloads to practice at home – £80
  2. stress audit – offering an insight into the type of stress that is going on plus an action plan on how to tackle it – £80
  3. stress audit and mental massage – based on the insight from the stress audit a personalised combination of meditations and other stress reduction practices – £140

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