quality-streetDon’t offer Quality Street if you want to keep the peace.

Xmas day might start off with lovely smiles, presents and breakfast, but the peace is not lasting for long. Most families have at least 5 heated encounters. And it makes sense. Most people have (too) high expectations and will have to face earlier or later in the day a disappointment. 40% of children moan about their presents, half of the hosting couples will disagree on who is doing what, 80% of hosts are irritated by how their house is (unintentionally) trashed by guests, and most people have had enough of everyone by 5pm when there is still a long time to go.

 The top 7 situations that spark a row at Xmas:

  1. Board games bring a lot of frustration and irritation. Ever done the game Risk? It’s famous to bring out the devil in even the most angelic personality.
  2. Offering Quality Street sweets. Everyone wants the same one, but taking the popular one will not keep you popular.
  3. Choice of Xmas film. The ‘winner’ is clearly the most influential or the most protected one and everybody else is expected to go with it.
  4. Cooking dinner. This is a stressful job on the day itself, no matter how well prepared the cook is, the moment where everything needs to be ready is filled with stress, frustration and sometimes anger. Most cooks are not feeling supported and can get very snappy.
  5. The washing and cleaning up. The job no one wants to do, and people will try to skive off.
  6. The amount of alcohol consumed. Great topic for an argument, but alcohol also lowers inhibitions and makes it easier to start an argument.
  7. Old family arguments are definitely creating a heated situation. The ‘there we go again’ feeling……

If you want to ensure that your Xmas will pass without arguments, you might choose to read your own book, go out for dinner, swap the Quality street for a box of chocolate seafood as they are all the same, stay away from the booze and keep your mouth shut.

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