Louise Hay recommends you look in the mirror and tell yourself ‘I love you’.

Romantic relationships can bring a lot of joy and happiness and on Valentine’s Day most couples celebrate their love. It seems to be spreading out to not just couples. Family members and good friends can also send each other choccies and messages as a celebration of connection and love.

You are worth loving

I am introducing another person who can be Your Valentine: guess who? It is YOU. How about being your own Valentine? Celebrating love.

A lot of people haven’t learned to love themselves, they are good at beating themselves up, setting unrealistic expectations and then putting themselves down.

It makes me sad.

Because the one person who travels with you from cradle to grave is you. And I believe it is very important to build a loving and caring relationship with yourself.

  • You are magical.
  • You deserve your love.
  • You deserve joy.
  • And you deserve a great day.
  • Not only on Valentine’s Day.
  • But every single day.

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