The workshops ‘Meditation with a Western flavour’ are well received. Over two hours spent on relaxation techniques, meditation practices, breathing exercises and some teaching around the subjects of stress management, ‘what is meditation’, mindfulnes and how to master strategies to bring destressing exercises into a busy lifestyle have helped lots of people to start with meditation.

Very interesting is that stresslevels before and after the workshop, showed a significant reduction (at least halved) and in 50% of the cases even came down to ZERO! Can you imagine that for you? A stresslevel of ZERO?

Another measurement is the number of breaths per minute. Right now, how many times do you breath in during 1 minute? Just for fun,  you can do it now. At the end of the meditation workshop, every participant had brought down the number with at least 4. An extreme case was the participant who started of with 25 breaths and ended with 8!

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What do people say:

 ‘Mariette makes meditation easy and breaks down barriers. It’s heaven. There was such a beautiful energy in the room. Very peaceful and relaxing. I was able to detach from all my worries and let myself be. A feeling of security; I felt safe.’ (LJ)

‘The meditation workshop was very soothing and the best 2 hours I have spent in a long time!  (Lyndsay)

‘Only had three hours of sleep. Felt extremely tired but strangely, I did not fall asleep, felt almost as if I was in a trance. And when the time was up, it was as if I had a night of sleep. Thank you Mariette.’ (MM)

‘I had been once before, so I had high expectations of this meditation practice and was not disappointed. My expectations were surpassed.’ (CV)

‘A wonderful morning, enlightening and totally relaxing. I arrived with a busy and cluttered mind and left in a completely different frame of mind. Centred, still and quiet…. bliss! More please!’ (CB)

‘It was my most relaxing experience ever! I was so relaxed afterwards, I almost couldn’t be bothered to talk. When I did talk, my speech was much slower and quieter than normal. I couldn’t believe the 2 hours went so quickly.’ (MW)

‘When I came in this morning I was extremely angry, but now I can handle anything. Can’t wait till next time. Thank you Mariette.’ (MM)

‘This morning really helped me to get in touch with my mind and body, learning to focus. I have come away feeling lighter and calmer and more at peace with myself.’ (KA)

‘I find it much easier to relax in a workshop environment and was surprised how intense your senses become when you focus on them. Another wonderful workshop. I am hooked!’ (JW)

‘I am really surprised that I could feel detached from my body. And watching the flame, I almost went into a trance, which was interesting but felt so unfamiliar that I brought myself back quite quickly. Amazing experience and very relaxing.’ (KW)

‘Having just spent a wonderful 2 hours, learning to meditate with Mariette. I feel like I could fly home. Or take on the world. Not sure which – maybe I’ll meditate on that one further! I recommend everyone to learn meditation and Mariette is just the lady to lead you through it. Thank you!‘ (JMcP)

Another testimonial is posted on Lisa Parkes Life Coaching Blog. Worthwhile reading!