Tarot card 2018 High Priestess

Tough 2018

2018 hasn’t been a great year for a lot of people. Tough is a word that springs to mind. Was it in the air? I consulted my friend and Tarot card reader Jaishree and she told me what the cards told us about 2018

Tarot 2018

A year to recognise your potential and abandon what truly didn’t resonate with you. The High Priestess Card for 2018 is about your inner world and trust in yourself. Many of you will have uncovered some truths, which was painful. But the truth sets you free. The theme of this energy is allowing things to unfold. For those who feel it’s been an unproductive year, remember it was about non-action, seeing the potential and using your intuition.

Trust the year has been pivotal in teaching you the power of being calm and patient. You have the key to open and develop what you wish as we enter 2019.

Humans have the tendency, inherited from cavemen times, to focus on the negatives. In prehistoric times, danger was always looming and not being alert could get you killed by an animal or enemy. The implication is that we continuously have to work on a positive mindset.

If 2018 was tough, it will have offered you lots of opportunities to learn some life lessons. Before you knock the full year on the head, think of those. And take those with you into a new year as a positive achievement or as a task to work on.

Tarot 2019

Tarot card 2019 The Empress

The 2019 Card is the Empress. This magnificent energy is about reconnection to Mother Earth and a time for you to feel ‘earthed’.  After a year of waiting patiently, this vibrant energy is about birthing the new you! New projects, ideas and ventures get a healthy boost. A great year for children as the Empress represents the earth mother. 

Embrace all the goodness and abundance that The Empress blesses you with and remember to be generous.

Be ready to experience bliss and to have a magical year!

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