Total control and no domestic stress here – clearly not mine

I am a mum, but my ‘job description’ didn’t mention cleaning and tidying. If that had been the case, maybe I wouldn’t have signed. I don’t like household choirs and I am also not very good at it. Apart from cooking. The fact that I am mainly working from home and am more flexible doesn’t mean automatically that I am also the one who is the housekeeper.

In order to survive I have made a few decisions that my family has to live with. It makes my life much easier and it is very clear.

I never iron. It’s a choice I have made decades ago and it saves me a lot of time. Clothes that are gorgeous but need ironing? I will not buy them. When my boys had a school uniform I bought the non-iron shirts from M&S. If I got a comment about them, as in not really looking too crisp, I would refer to M&S. Any complaints? You have to talk to the non-iron department at them.

I don’t change bedclothes. Whenever I tried, I get muddled up in oodles of fabric, never get the right corner connected to the right corner of the duvet and it takes me ages. I love muddled up sheets anyway, so I refrain from this activity. My husband loves crisp sheets and he is the one who has taken on the job.

I have stepped away from the idea that making the house look good is my responsibility. When you live with a family, everybody plays a role in keeping it tidy and clean. Not just the mum. As a result I don’t feel guilty if the house is a mess. It’s not down to just me.

How do you deal with tasks that you haven’t chosen to do, but seem to be on your plate?

Can you make choices, like I did?

Can you step away from the ‘automatic response’ of responsibility and feeling guilty?

It makes life a lot less stressful. Maybe a bit messier in the house, but in my mind it is very clear.

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