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Work-life balance starts with yourself

Changing myself changed my work-life balance

The breakdown was looming

I was on the brink of a breakdown. No one noticed, because I didn’t show it. To me it was a weakness. Also, everybody expected me to be in control all the time.

Through working with Mariette I realised I put that expectation upon myself.

My discovery about confidence

I always thought I was very confident, but I discovered that was just veneer. Underneath I was very insecure and carried a huge fear to fail. Failing would mean I would be reduced to nothing. My self-worth was connected to my performance. That is why I wanted to do everything perfect and why I never said no.

I have embraced the ‘good is good enough’ instead of ‘it has to be perfect’.

Mariette helped me to realise how I didn’t value who I was and how I sabotaged myself. I now have a good understanding, acceptance and love for me. As a result my inner confidence has grown and it is easy now to speak my mind and take care of myself.

I have changed and as a result my life and work-life balance has changed.

I am not stressed anymore, have more energy and more fun.

I can’t recommend Mariette highly enough.

She saved and changed my life – Sarah, engineer, 43

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Sarah is not the only client I have worked with. There are lots of other stories from different people who changed their lives around for the better. You can read them here.

I have a great system in place that is flexible and suitable to adapt to the unique needs of each individual. Click the picture to read more about it.

Work-life balance coaching process


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