Work-life balance

I couldn’t cope. Was emotional, didn’t sleep, felt desperate. But Mariette taught me how to deal differently with things that don’t change. I changed. And I am loving myself – Karen, 39, Richmond

Work-life balance is a mindset

In order to create the right work-life balance, you don’t need another job, earn more money or ditch the kids.

It is all in your mind.

There is a lot going on in your life and you hardly have the time to think about it. From the moment you wake up it’s ‘go go go’ and it only stops when your head touches the pillow. Sometimes you are our for the count, but it also happens regularly that you wake up in the middle of the night. Worrying about stuff, stressing about all you have to do and frustrated about all you would love to do.

You are such an asset for the people around you. You make things happen. You organise. You get stuck in. And they can trust that it is going to be sorted.

You are a super woman.


Do you feel like a super woman?

Most superwomen suffer from the imposter syndrome. It’s the concept where the external experience of you and your achievements is not supported by your internal belief. Other people think you are strong, in total control and happy. But you feel vulnerable, out of control and fearful. The fear of ‘being found out’ and ‘not being good enough’.

If you recognise this in yourself, it would be good to have a chat. And you know? Even though I received a huge bonus, I still didn’t think I was good enough, so I know how you feel.

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You might feel too busy to look after yourself.

But who will suffer when something goes wrong with you?

You might think you are invincible……………

But the truth is: nobody is.

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