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If you want peace and tranquility

Not your usual life coach

Are you a successful woman who is always insanely busy?

Aiming for the highest standards in every part of life?

Being the best mum, the fastest runner, the fashionable wife, the perfect host?

Perfect is a word that is ingrained in all you do.

And even though you are an incredible performer, the only person who doubts that is you.

Everybody admires you, but you secretly believe you are not good enough.

You would love to feel confident, in control and just happy.

I help women like you to get control and fun back into their lives and enjoy each day with all it has to offer.

I am a no-nonsense spiritual coach, who helps successful woman who are feeling stuck and frustrated to become confident, free of stress and deliriously happy.

I am definitely not your usual life coach. 

What sets me apart is my educational background (PhD), my personal and professional experience and how I have used this to create a coaching methods that makes me obsolete and  leads to a MEASURABLE result.

Using conventional proven and bespoke methodologies

as well as unconventional and quirky tools and techniques.


If you want more of YOU in your life, follow my 5-step strategy. Easy, fun and effective. Available as a FREE download.

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