Are you looking here because you are looking for a solution to one of these?

    • Not sleeping well,
    • Struggling with weight,
    • Feeling nervous and anxious,
    • Having low self-esteem and no confidence,
    • Stressing about work and more,
    • Eating  erratically,
    • Juggling like mad,
    • Worrying to be ‘found out’…….

I can help you to make changes to all of those and more, in a quick and easy way. 

Weight and food Work and stress Confidence and self esteem

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It worked for Janey Lee Grace, health guru, who awarded my technique, I coached  William Cook, journalist of The Guardian (read the article,  click here).

and many others.

Clients have described my approach as ‘mind blowing’ and ‘easy’ and the changes that they have made to their lives are mind-blowing to me.

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All you need to de-stress

All you need to de-stress

“I went to Mariette with the aim to combat my preoccupation with calorie counting, planning and being in control.  After 4 sessions, I feel happier, more relaxed and positive, and less concerned with what people think of me.  People have even commented on this difference and how much “more content and relaxed”.
Ashleigh (27)

“I had been feeling increasingly stressed for a long time.  Too much to do, deadlines etc when I went to see Mariette. I was positively surprised to learn how I could start managing my stress levels with really simple, easy and quick techniques. Mariette is a great coach.”

“Mariette gets you to think about the root of your problem and helped you to break bad habits and negative thinking, whilst also getting you to think more about who you are as a person, what makes you happy/sad/anxious/stressed and using this towards preventing stress and anxiety. It was an interesting process. Her ‘measuring system’, resulting in a personal analysis which demonstrated how much and where I have changed, brought home how much I have changed. I feel confident now to take on anything, as I have the tools and techniques to deal with it.’

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I never had had counselling in my life. I came with vague ideas, feeling very unhappy and I knew I had to do something. But what? I am still not sure how it all worked, but after seeing Mariette on a weekly basis for some time I noticed difference. I became more aware of who I was and became assertive. Now as a result I won't put up with the crap that I put up with in the past. I emerged as a new, strong and very happy me!!!!!!

Sarah Thompson
Full time mother of 3, Barnes

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