1-2-1 Coaching

Where are you at?
At this very moment in life you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed. You seem to be worrying all the time. You are lacking confidence and are doubting yourself continuously. You feel lost and powerless. Your mind is working overtime and you can’t stop it. It seems that nobody can help you.
What are your challenges?
Every day feels like a challenge. It starts with getting out of bed, followed by dreading the rest of the day. You plough through each day with great effort.

No joy.

Feeling tired, overwhelmed, misunderstood and alone.

You are stuck in a situation that doesn’t make you happy.

But what can you do?

What do you need help with?
If you recognize yourself in the above, you are ready to make changes. With the right support and guidance you will be able to change your life around.

The most important thing is to get yourself to the starting line. Once you are there, you will be on your journey to let go of anxiety, self-doubt and worry, build confidence and feeling ‘I am good enough’.

You will enjoy your life again, have energy and feel worthy.

How my 1-2-1 coaching can help
The starting line is your free coaching call with me. Where you can explain in more detail what is worrying you and where I can explain how my 1-2-1 coaching works.

The coaching always starts with a questionnaire, which will show what areas in your life need improvement. This will break down what to focus on and is the first step of feeling in control.

You will receive tasks to do in your own time to develop new skills and get new experiences.

In a relative short time you will experience the benefits of the coaching and start building your confidence, feel in control of your mind and discover who you really are.

This is what clients are saying

Just being able to talk about it and not feeling embarrassed about how I felt, was such a relief. I allowed myself to feel immensely sad without fighting it. But then, after the tears dried up Mariette helped me to focus on other aspects of my life and I felt that glimmer of hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel. And I am on my way to step into that light.
Christine, Barnes

I didn’t know what to do with myself. I knew it wasn’t healthy, but I couldn’t move away from that heavy and dark feeling. Every morning I struggled to get out of bed. However, thanks to my sessions with Mariette I really feel lighter and I am making decisions in taking the next step in creating a new life for myself.
Barbara, London

I feel more alive, kicking and positive than I have done for a long time. Mariette helped me to understand how I stopped myself and then supported me to make changes. I got more confidence than I ever had before and now feel excited about life. And happy. And I am smiling again.
Deirdre, Manchester

Mariette helped me with severe anxiety issues I was having. I started the sessions hopeful that I may be able to improve, but the result was far better than I could have expected. Not only did I improve, but I went past that and I am now much more outgoing and enjoying things I wouldn’t have taken on before. I’m so grateful to her and would highly recommend her.
Maz, Guildford

I was feeling low and not being able to “shift gear” in my emotional state. You know that feeling when things bother you and you just don’t seem able to do much about it and you just keep living in that permanent state of being dissatisfied, stressing over everything and not being able to really enjoy life… That is when I booked a session with Mariette.

Within a week things changed. It was such a noticeable shift in my whole outlook I couldn’t believe it. For years, I felt trapped and couldn’t enjoy things anymore the way I used to. All of a sudden, it all changed. I felt more alive and energised than I have been for years. I never thought that would be possible, but it was.

Elena, London

I came to see Mariette when years of suppressed anxiety manifested itself as a fear of motorway driving, which was frightening and debilitating. Mariette is a great listener and is very skilled at identifying things within your own behaviour that contribute to the anxiety you are feeling. She helped pinpoint things that I wasn’t even aware I was doing, which enabled me to make immediate changes that helped to lower my general stress and anxiety levels. She was also very encouraging when it came to getting me back on the road and spent time outside of our sessions to check in and see how I was getting on, which made me feel very supported and spurred me on to keep pushing myself beyond my comfort zone (which, incidentally is the only real way to overcome this kind of anxiety). I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Mariette and would definitely book in to see her again if I felt my stress levels getting out of control in future.
Lizzie, Surrey

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