Mariette Jansen life Coaching for anxiety, narcissistic abuse and low confidence.

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Author of number one best-seller ‘From Victim to Victor – Narcissism Survival Guide’

And recently launched ‘Rulebook of a Narcissist – Narcissism Self-help Guide’

Here is how I can help you

1-2-1 Coaching

Are you getting in your own way of being the best and happiest you can?

Recognise bad habits, unhelpful behaviour, procrastination, unclear communication, low self-awareness, feeling angry, emotional or stuck, not knowing what to do, no confidence, no trust, being stressed and anxious?

You can take control of yourself and your life with the right guidance and support.

Your first session is all about identifying your current challenges and setting goals. My baby step philosophy then kicks in with and action plan and you are on your way.

This is what clients are saying

I have been feeling stressed for years now and only after I did a few sessions with you, I have come to understand what types of stress I am suffering from. It was brilliant to discover that there are lots of things I can do to reduce it and I felt immediately more in control.
Angela (47), London

I wanted another baby, but when it didn’t happen it clouded my life. It affected my happiness, confidence and stress levels. Thanks to the sessions with Mariette, I have come to understand how to deal with challenges that are outside of my control and feeling happy and content again.
Pamela, 39, Exeter

I have been struggling with food for decades. But Mariette’s sessions have provided me with tools, support, structure and focus to tackle this and other issues and has benefited me in many other areas of my life and relationships than just that with food. I highly recommend her programme and services.
Michael Black (57), Surrey

Thank you for helping me overcoming my exam stress. I didn’t go blank and passed this year’s exams with excellent grades. I am going to the university of my choice and me and my parents are over the moon.
Myriam, 18, Guildford

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