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How to make the rest of your life the best of your life

Business as usual for an unusual life coach

Let me tell you about Sarah. Sarah is great. She is active, hands-on and always finds a solution. She is insanely busy. Not only because everybody asks her to sort things out, but also because she finds it difficult to say no. She doesn’t like to disappoint people.


She aims for the highest standard, always. She is a terrific mum, a fast runner, very fashionable, has a loving husband, holds down an interesting job and is the perfect host.

Perfect is at the core of all she does. We all love Sarah. She is incredible.


Sarah was the superwoman and on the outside all was great. But………. on the inside she felt insecure and had major doubts. She harboured the belief she wasn’t good enough and her confidence was really low.

Hidden confidence issue

She wasn’t happy. She was drowning in an overwhelming lifestyle, with lots of action, exciting stuff BUT no place or time for herself. She felt lost in her own life.

Even though she recognised that something needed to change, she didn’t know how to do that. She felt powerless and stuck in her situation.

She wanted to feel confident, in control and happy again.

Sarah made a life-changing decision: she came to see me, Dr Mariette Jansen. And guess what happened? The next part of Sarah's story

I help women like Sarah to get back in the driving seat of their life, get the fun back and enjoy each day with all it has to offer.
Living without anxiety and feeling confident.

I am a different life coach. 

What sets me apart is my no nonsense approach, resulting in MEASURABLE results and life changing skills. Add 17 years of experience plus holding a PhD.

My coaching model is unique

My successful and effective model is eclectic. A combination of psychological models, proven coaching methods and research based methods.

Incredible meditation

EFT, NLP, mindfulness, hypnosis, energy psychology and other effective non mainstream tools and techniques are part of the skillset I teach my clients.