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I love my clients. All of them. I love my work and how it keeps evolving. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with anyone who is open to it.

I am not like Anthony Robbins, the billion dollar coach who gets thousands of people into a huge venue (like the O2) for 4 days at the price of several thousand pounds and makes you believe that you can do it. Without actually giving you the tools. I work the other way. Individual support facilitating you to learn what you need to learn and change your life around. Read here about the diffierences about Anthony and me.

Life coaching is a very personal experience. It is important that you and your coach connect on a deep level. You need to trust your coach and feel safe to open up and share personal thoughts and experiences. There needs to be a mutual connection.

To ensure a balance in the relationship I am sharing some personal thoughts and experiences about myself. It is only fair if I would like you to walk that road, I have to make the journey myself. You can read about my life here.

What I find really important is that you enjoy your process and that you find it exciting and interesting. It is a journey that will challenge you from time to time but above all, it is a positive journey. It is about learning to make choices that improve your happiness. Now and for the rest of your life.

I have helped people who suffered from serious stress conditions, such as tinnitus, vertigo, eating disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, burn-out, and depression;  I have worked with clients who felt stuck, blocked, emotional, unhappy, worried, lost, angry and frustrated and in all cases, within three months, they felt like a completely different person.

Professional experience - Dr Mariette Jansen

  • Nursing
  • PhD interpersonal communication
  • Consultancy jobs within IT companies (SUN, HP, RICOH)
  • Management consultant (HP, Philips)
  • Retrained as a psychotherapist in London
  • Worked since 2001 as a therapist, a teacher in adult education (Richmond-upon-Thames College and Met University) and worked in London in an outreach job for The Big Issue
  • Additional training in EFT, NLP, CBT and life coaching at the Coaching Academy
  • Currently: author, blogger, life coach and meditation teacher

 Press publications Mariette Jansen: 

Read more about my successful coaching method.

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