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Life coaching is a very personal experience. It is important that you and your coach connect on a deep level. You need to trust your coach and feel save to open up and share personal thoughts and experiences. There need to be a mutual connection.

To ensure a balance in the relationship I am sharing some personal thoughts and experiences about myself. It is only fair if I would like you to walk that road, I have to make the journey myself. You can read about my life here.

What I find really important is that you enjoy your process and that you find it exciting and interesting. It is a journey that will challenge you from time to time but above all, it is a positive journey. It is about learning to make choices that improve your happiness. Now and for the rest of your life.

I have helped people who suffered from serious stress conditions, such as tinnitus, vertigo, eating disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, burn-out, and depression;  I have worked with clients who felt stuck, blocked, emotional, unhappy, worried, lost, angry and frustrated and in all cases, within three months, they felt like a completely different person.

Professional experience - Dr Mariette Jansen

  • Nursing
  • PhD interpersonal communication
  • Consultancy jobs within IT companies (SUN, HP, RICOH)
  • Management consultant (HP, Philips)
  • Retrained as a psychotherapist in London
  • Worked since 2001 as a therapist, a teacher in adult education (Richmond-upon-Thames College and Met University) and worked in London in an outreach job for The Big Issue
  • Additional training in EFT, NLP, CBT and life coaching at the Coaching Academy
  • Currently: author, blogger, life coach and meditation teacher

 Press publications Mariette Jansen: 

Read more about my successful coaching method.

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