Success Stories

The only relevant feedback is from my clients. For me, it is always exciting to meet new clients and navigate them through a process of discoveries, learning and change. But, how do they experience it?
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Fear for confrontations, not believing in myself, beating myself up, that was me all the time. I didn’t dare to do anything by myself. That has totally changed and it feels as if I am alive now. More than ever before.
Zoe (33), London


Our relationship was one where fights and arguments seem to be ongoing. Even though we loved each other. Mariette has given us tools to communicate differently, make sure we both do what we love by ourselves but also create joint experiences. Her advice has saved our marriage.
Sophie (42), Surrey


I have been feeling stressed for decades and could never put the finger on it. Until I discovered with Mariette’s help how I was affected by my mother’s narcissistic behaviour. All of a sudden everything made sense. My low self-esteem, my self doubt, my inability to make decisions and the walking on egg shells. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but I have come out the other end understanding myself and my behaviour and knowing how to protect myself from toxic influences.
Phoebe (47), London


I have been struggling with food for decades. But Mariette’s sessions have provided me with tools, support, structure and focus to tackle this and other issues and has benefited me in many other areas of my life and relationships than just that with food. I highly recommend her programme and services.

Michael Black (57), Surrey

Self awareness

We loved this programme of 5 one minute meditations per day even the busiest people can fit this in. And relax!! Mariette has created a brilliant way for even manically busy people to pause and meditate daily. Hence he won the Platinum Award for ‘best stress management technique.
Janey Lee Grace, radio presenter and author

Stress and anxiety

I had been active and hard working all my life. That stopped all of a sudden when my body and my head gave up. I was not in control of my life anymore. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I realised how I had undermined my own happiness and well-being by going and going and going. I regularly fell asleep over my keyboard and didn’t mind. Now I see how my work life balance had affected me and I started to make changes. Three months after I started the coaching with Mariette I felt like my ‘good old self’, but more aware and alert. And taking regularly time out to make sure I keep that balance.
Angela, 64, Redhill

Work life balance

I was on my knees. I felt unhappy, unfulfilled, worried and was bordering on depression. I worried about money, my future, my business, my marriage and if there was anything else, I would worry about that. I didn’t like myself and I didn’t like my life. Within 10 weeks I totally transformed.
Nigel (53), London

Stress and anxiety

I knew something was wrong when I had received a huge bonus, but was still doubting myself. I had that little voice in my ear all the time, telling me I was rubbish, reminding me what I had done wrong and generally making me a nervous wreck. Since seeing Mariette the voice has gone most of the time and I have applied for an even more demanding job. Something I couldn’t have done in the past.
Rebecca (37), London

Imposter Syndrome

I woke up with dark thoughts every morning, my tinnitus was screaming through my head and it was very tough to survive. Seeing Mariette is one of the best things I have done in my life. She gave me hope, but also made clear that I had to work at it. Which gave me a feeling of control, an empowerment. Where I was going for darkness, I am back in the light and able to do what makes me happy. Not being dominated by my tinnitus.
Dave (36), London

Happiness and fulfilment

Your weekly messages really prompt me to think about situations that I either take for granted or that I recognise as a challenge in my own life. Your ‘out of the box’ original thoughts help me to look in a different way and I owe you a big thank you for keeping me on my toes.
Dr Robert Owen (71), Twickenham

Self awareness

Thank you for helping me overcoming my exam stress. I didn’t go blank and passed this year’s exams with excellent grades. I am going to the university of my choice and me and my parents are over the moon.

Myriam, 18, Guildford

Stress and anxiety

I wanted another baby, but when it didn’t happen it clouded my life. It affected my happiness, confidence and stress levels. Thanks to the sessions with Mariette, I have come to understand how to deal with challenges that are outside of my control and feeling happy and content again.

Pamela, 39, Exeter

Happiness and fulfilment

I am not one for new age techniques and was sceptical about mindfulness. However, having gone through a process with Mariette, I now am a convert. It has helped my stress levels and my focus. Running my business is much easier and breezier than it used to be.
Valerie Merrill (62), Kingston

Happiness and fulfilment

No matter how high my bonus and excellent my reviews, I continuously doubted my performance at work. Mariette made me understand how I created this doubt as a result of my lack of confidence. I gained a lot of insight in myself through her coaching and my Imposter Syndrome only pops up as a warning signal. I am seeing her once a month for a Leadership session, which keeps me on my toes and in control. Can highly recommend her.

Caroline (53), London

I have been feeling stressed for years now and only after I did a few sessions with you, I have come to understand what types of stress I am suffering from. It was brilliant to discover that there are lots of things I can do to reduce it and I felt immediately more in control.

Angela (47), London

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