Interview with Mariette

So Mariette… what is life coaching?
My definition of life coaching is that it is a service, which facilitate change in mental, emotional and behavioral habits which get in the way of someone’s happiness and well-being. Coaching is a process, not an on-off switch. The first steps takes place even before the coaching starts by setting goals. Then the focus is on gaining insights in and understanding of yourself and processes around you. So you know why you are not happy. Followed by actions.

I love that coaching is aiming at the future and not, like in therapy, looking back at the past. There is action, empowerment and of course, positive change.

What sets you apart from other coaches?
My background in psychotherapy has equipped me with a lot of knowledge. It makes it easy to put events in a psychological context and offer that bigger picture. Also, having been a teacher makes me excellent at explaining. And I love that. In my weekly email I offer food for thought to help people understand more. Want to receive it? Click here.

On another note, I am unconventional. And I know that one model fits one, not all. By the way, that’s one of the limitations of self-help books. With almost 20 years of working with clients I intuitively know what will work for a particular person and I will select the most suitable exercises and approaches. Isn’t that lovely? Everybody works in their own pace and an organic approach is key to lasting change. One of my hobbyhorses is ‘babysteps’. These are perceived as easy and small steps, but they represent the same principle for insignificant and important situations. If you change an insignificant situation with ease, you can do the same for an important one. That sets me apart from multimillion dollar coaches, as Anthony Robbins.

What is it about meditation?
Ahhhh, meditation is a life skill to take control of your mind. How many people are having monkey minds? Thoughts racing around, winding yourself up, creating anxiety? How many people are too stressed? How often can’t you see the wood for the trees? Can’t separate emotion and ratio? Are dictated by their mind? I certainly was one of them.

Meditation helps to disengage, take a step back and observe what is actually happening. It is a way of taking control.

I offer all my clients my award winning Mariette’s One Minute Meditation programme as a gentle introduction. The one minute practice is enough to create the benefits but very often people want to expand on it and develop their meditation practice.

Either or, once you learn how to reset your mind, you have a tool in hand that is important for mental and emotional balance.

It helps the coaching process of awareness and discoveries as often there is ‘too much noise on the line’ to see and feel things for what they are. Meditation creates clarity and transparency.

How quick do clients see results?
Depending on what they want to achieve of course. It varies from 2 sessions to 12, but most clients need 4 to 6 sessions. What I offer also offer is leadership coaching, which is basically checking in each month to discuss personal and professional events and ensure that you stay in control and make choices that are supporting balance and well-being.
What do I start?
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