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People ask me sometimes ‘why did you choose this type of work?’ I don’t think it is a choice, it is a mission and it gives meaning to my experiences. Can you imagine how I felt when someone sent me this?

‘I have struggled with my relationship with food all of my life and Mariette’s talk about her eating

Changed relationship with food

disorder at a networking meeting in November (2016), struck a tremendous chord with me. Having a number of sessions with her has provided me with tools, support, structure and focus to tackle this and other issues and has benefited me in many other areas of my life and relationships than just that with food. I highly recommend her programme and services.’ Michael Black

My mission in life is to make people think.

  • When you think, your discover,
  • When you discover you learn,
  • When you learn, you grow,
  • You grow in knowledge and awareness
  • When you are aware, you will make conscious decisions
  • Decisions that will support you in creating a fulfilling and happy life.
  • How am I going to make you think?

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success and beliefIf there is one thing I want you to take away from this page, it is that you have the choice to change.

Like I did in my life.

I grew up in a massively dysfunctional family, a narcissistic mother, an older mentally disabled brother (but that was always hidden), faking to be perfect, and always being told I wasn’t good enough. I developed Bulimia Nervosa when I was 18 – at least that is when I was aware of it – and it took me 22 years to leave that behind. Now, I have a family myself, enjoy my food, make conscious choices and am confident and happy. I am free!

Having left behind the agony, fretting, sadness and the feeling of overwhelm.

If you choose to change, I can help you with that right now! The only thing you have to do is book a FREE phone call with me to find out what you need and how I can help you. Let’s talk!


Just published: Darling Magazine Kingston, with me on the cover and a double spread article.

On a regular basis I write for or am interviewed and quoted in local and national press, including:

To read how my coaching worked for William Cook, journalist, The Guardian  click here

About my book on meditation in Notebook, Sunday Mirror,click here

Featuring in the monthly life-style magazine in Surrey and Richmond area, click here

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In the way of the good old you?

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Need clarity?

Need clarity?


I am offering a FREE Clarity session over the phone, where we will explore EXACTLY what it is you want to change and EXACTLY what is holding you back so I can give you an ACTION PLAN that will help you to start. Book here

Struggling with weight?

Struggling with weight?


I am very familiar with weight issues, having suffered from bulimia for 22 years. I have come out the other end and fully understand the struggle with diets, weight, body image, obsession, desperation and more. I have teamed up with nutrition coach Leonie Wright and we wrote the report: ‘The three main reasons why diets don’t work’ Click here to receive it in your inbox.


I am a qualified and experienced psychological coach, who combines psychology models, coaching methods and meditation tools when working with clients for over 16 years. I help individuals who are badly affected by stress, low self-esteem or overwhelming life events. My client base includes ex-marines, burned out professionals and high flying board members. I can honestly say that I am an expert in helping people to get themselves back and teaching them the skills to never be lost again.To read about client’s experiences, click here.

I have helped people who suffered from serious stress conditions, such as tinnitus, vertigo, eating disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, burn-out, and depression;  I have worked with clients who felt stuck, blocked, emotional, unhappy, worried, lost, angry and frustrated and in all cases, within three months, they felt like a completely different person.

  • Feeling stressed?
  • Lacking colour in your life?
  • Obsessed with food?
  • Unhappy with work-life balance?
  • Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Not knowing how to make changes?

You sound like me. That is, how I used to be. A grey, shy, stressed-out, nervous little mouse, that managed to change her life around into a colourful, vivacious, embracing woman, full of life, passion and emotions.I made the changes to my life, and so can you and I can help you lead a stress free and joyful life through my life coaching,  mindfulness and mediation services.

We all pick up different lessons along the way of life. I did an awful lot of self exploration and emotional work, maybe you did not (yet). That is where I can help you. It is through this experience that I can give you the best possible coaching and consultancy. My eating disorder of 22 years helps me to fully understand the struggle with food and eating and I have decided to be there for anyone who needs my support.

I have had two years of therapy and a course of CBT, but I have learned more in our first session than I did in the last three years. The difference is that you pointed out some things that are happening here and now; I recognise the patterns of communication and with your help I started to make changes straight away. It was mind blowing and confidence boosting.’ K.M., Kingston-upon-Thames

I have embraced meditation as a skill and practice that helps me to cope and gain deeper insights, while feeling calm and in control. As there is a lot of misunderstanding around mindfulness and mediation, I have written a book: ‘Bullshit, non-sense and common sense about meditation’, which is available in print, on Kindle and as an e-book. Click here to read more about it.

‘I found this introduction to meditation very insightful and helpful. Just reading this helped me to feel calmer and I am absolutely going to make meditation part of my life. I welcome the calm. I had no idea that it could be more effective for relaxation than sleeping…so interesting.’ 
Hannah Ellis-Young, Leatherhead

I have always been hungry for knowledge and never stopped studying!

           My experience

  • Nursing
  • PhD in linguistics and interpersonal communication
  • Consultancy jobs within IT companies (SUN, HP, RICOH)
  • Management consultant (HP, Philips)
  • Training psychotherapist
  • Therapist / teacher adult education / Outreach The Big Issue
  • Consultant and life coach for stress management
  • Meditation teacher and mindfulnes trainer

            In the National Press

Recently I have written articles and featured in national publications:

If you are on a journey, at the beginning, halfway, or on the track you don’t want, make your first step to change and book the FREE clarity callClick Here To Book Your FREE Clarity Session

If I can do it, you can do it!

In supporting you, you will benefit from my understanding, my knowledge and experience with the choices I have made, that worked for me and the people around me.


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