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Work-life balance


You can have great work-life balance, jobs done to a high standard, no rushing around, being in control and feeling happy………….. that is my promise to you!

  • Are you a woman who likes to push herself?
  • Are you a multi-tasker who is been counted on by managers, family, pets, friends, neighbours and others?
  • Are you a responsible professional who has many balls in the air?
  • Are you trying to be all things to all people?

If the answer is yes on two of those questions, you are a super woman.


Do you feel like a super woman?

Cover ebook me timeLet me guess, you rush, organise all and everything, are regularly snappy, frustrated as you can’t do all jobs perfect, could do with a bit more support, feel tired as there is not enough time to rest and recharge and you still tell yourself that you are okay………

Of course you are not okay.

And your first step to make changes could be my new e-book on ‘How to create 30 minutes quality ME time each day’. To receive this FREE e-book, just click here and it will be delivered to your inbox shortly.

If the inside Super Woman comes out, what will change?

  • You will feel on top of all the things you do now, without feeling stressed, agitated or frustrated.
  • You will actually enjoy every day with a zest for life that you have never known before.
  • You will laugh so much, that your tummy muscles are toning up.
  • You will feel happy, chilled, fulfilled and proud of yourself.
  • You will re-discover your creativity, your enthusiasm, and your energy.

Dr Mariette Jansen has learned the hard way and is excited to share with you the secret
ingredients that she has developed to make it happen for her. If you want to
release that INSIDE super woman, and create the life you deserve, there never
has been a better moment to take action.

Click here to listen to my story…….. It takes one to know one…..

Based on my knowledge and experience as a communication
specialist (Dr in interpersonal communication), an integrative counsellor, life
coach, meditation teacher, mum, wife, and organiser, I have put together a
range of services to help other women figuring out the perfect balance for

Choose which of the ways you would like me to coach
you to improve your work-life balance:

Click here, fill in the form and spend 30 minutes with me on the phone to find out more.

The Success Package: 5 sessions structured empowering life  coaching in Surrey, within 3 months to learn the tools and techniques to
deal with all demands of work, life, family, social and personal challenges.

A range of meditation courses and workshops, check
the calendar.

Visit Dr De-Stress facebook page for
hints, tips, ideas and fun, all about stress free balanced living.

And…… best of all: if you work in Central London or
Surrey, I will come to you and visit you in your office or we can meet up over the weekend.


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