Tips on how to take control of your narcissist, how to take the spark out of the narc and step into your power. Here is the introduction video.

Did you know that 1 in 5 is a narcissist?

That means you will know a few……..

Who are they?


Narcissists are people you want to stay away from. However, the prediction of Dr Ramini is that one in five is a narc, so it is highly likely you have to deal with a few in your family, social circle or at work.

Recognising them helps to protect yourself from their toxic influence.

If you wonder if someone you know has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder), just take yourself through my quiz to find your answer.

Five main traits of a narcissist are:

  1. Their life is all about them, but they also want your life to be about them. They want attention, be centre stage and are the start of the show. Always.
  2. Because of their specialness, they are entitled. To your time, money, attention, effort, stuff and energy.
  3. They lack empathy and have no qualms being cruel, harsh and nasty. They don’t care.
  4. They are always right and can’t handle negative feedback.
  5. They manipulate, twist and lie to get what they want.

Recently I launched a new series of videos to help to deal with narcissistic abuse, called ‘Unspark the Narc’. A narc wants to spark your emotions, insecurities, low confidence and self-doubt. Because it gives them control over you and makes them feel better about themselves. My #unsparkthenarc videos offer a handle on the situations that are infuriating you, making you think you go crazy. Easy bite size tips to take control of emotional abusive situations.

If you have a specific query that you want to be covered, please let me know and I might create a video about that topic.

Healthy people often wonder and worry if they are a narcissist…. Don’t be concerned. The fact that you worry about it already shows that you are not a narc. However, we all have traits that we apply in certain situations. Maybe to manipulate others, to get our own way or to seek some attention. Being aware of when you are behaving like that is important, because then you have a choice and can make a decision on how to behave. Narcs don’t make decisions, they act on instinctive impulses, which is different.

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