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Learn how to take the spark out of their nasty actions, keeping yourself safe and sane.

Episode 1: I will suck you dry

Narcs spark your upset in different ways.

One of their traits: it is never enough.

Whatever you give them, it is not enough and they will suck everything out of you… until you have nothing more to give.

By then you are an emotional and/or physical wreck.

The only way to take control of them is to limit what you are willing and able to give, knowing that there will be no appreciation.

Only an attempt to get more out of you.

Without taking responsibility for how it will affect you.

Because they don’t care about you.

They only care about themselves.

My mother was a narcissist, entitled to everything I had and could give.

I wrote in my first book From Victim to Victor about her, when she would guilt-trip me, saying:

‘What have I done to deserve this?

You are my daughter and you should offer me

help, attention, money, energy

and anything else I can take from you.’

She had never done anything for me, and certainly didn’t deserve ‘payback’, but she felt entitled (typical narc attitude) to my help, attention, money, energy and anything else she could suck out of me.

To protect yourself from this spark, it is important to set boundaries.

How much do you allow your narc to take?

How much are you willing to give?

Knowing that it won’t be appreciated, it will never be enough and it will certainly not be reciprocated.

If you don’t take control, you will be sucked dry.

The video with this message can be found here.

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