Mariette’s life coaching process

I know you are unique. In your personality, your history and what you need from a coach.

But there are generic principles and methodologies that offer a framework for an individual approach. I have designed a process that has proven to work. The content is flexible and will be adapted to personal requirements. It means that you will get exactly what you need.

What will happen?

When we start working together, the first thing we do is ‘taking stock’. A two-way action. I will do a baseline measurement, a quantitative inventory of where you are at this moment in time. This is the starting point.

Next we talk. This actually means you talk and I will ask questions to understand more about you and your situation.

Then we will define your goals and you are ready for take-off.

That is the first step in my 7 step Success Process.

Even though everybody is one of a kind, during the nearly 20 years of working with clients I have discovered that at the root of most problems lies the same principle. A disconnection between your head and heart. Both give different messages and that is extremely confusing.

Today you listen to your heart and you know what makes sense. Tomorrow your head is talking and undermines what you thought was sensible today.

The result? Stress, lack of confidence, a restless mind and above all, feeling lost and stuck.

Sorting this out is covered in step 2,3 and 4. That is the core of the coaching.

Then 5, 6 and 7 are about applying the new knowledge and consolidation.

This picture explain the process.

Life coaching methodology by Dr Mariette Jansen

Facilitators of change

During the coaching process you will learn a range of tools and techniques, which not only support your immediate changes, but will last a lifetime. What you learn during this process will stick with you forever.

Isn’t it a great idea that you will never reach the low point where you are now. You might get a knock from life (who doesn’t?) but you will have the skills to return to the new confident you in a very short time.

Want to know more about the programme and the different elements?

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