Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness meditation is a life skill that will help to cope better with day-to-day challenges. Research is showing that even a short regular practice affects the brain, focus and stress levels of meditators.

Meditation with a Western flavour is designed by Dr Mariette Jansen, based on the concepts of Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn and Eckhart Tolle.

Meditation is easy, natural, straightforward, enjoyable, BUT a lot of people don’ t know it, because they haven’t experienced it. As Dr Wayne Dyer says: ‘You can’t get wet from the word water, you only get wet when you jump in it’. In order words, it is the experience that will make clear to you what the word means. It is the same for meditation and I offer a range of options for you to ‘jump in the water’ of mindfulness.

‘Mariette makes meditation easy and breaks down barriers. It’s heaven. There was such a beautiful energy in the room. Very peaceful and relaxing. I was able to detach from all my worries and let myself be. A feeling of security; I felt safe.’ (Lucie, Surrey)

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‘I have tried to meditate all my life as I have an incredibly busy life and know that it would improve ME. After two hours , having done all those different exercises. I feel positive and confident that I can practice, to make it part of my life.’  Dao Tran, Kingston-upon-Thames

This was a very interesting session. I learned a lot of new things, that actually make sense. I loved the easy exercises and felt very calm afterwards. It was also the first time I was spread out on a beanbag. Loved it! I will be back for more.‘ Judith Crouchton, Surrey.