Stress levels can get high at Christmas. On average each family has 5 rows on Xmas day and a lot of people are relieved when the day is over.

What can you do to make Xmas peaceful and relaxed?

  1. Set expectations aside. Did you know: ‘Expectations and disappointment are each other’s best friends’ – Dr Mariette Jansen
  2. Be aware of boundaries: you are only responsible for your actions, not for those of other people
  3. Don’t put Quality Street on the table, as this is one of the most common reasons that sparks a row
  4. Stay away from ‘heated and charged’ topics, which could easily lead to arguments
  5. Share the load. If you are hosting, ask for help. If you are a guest, offer help
  6. If something annoys you, let it go straight over your head. Don’t pay attention to it, as by giving it energy it becomes stronger
  7. Aim for fun, kindness and presence.