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Misunderstood in your relationship?

Lydia Lydia wasn’t too happy in her relationship. Lately, she experienced some challenges at work and was keen to discuss these with Andrew, her boyfriend. But whenever she started to talk about it, it felt as if he switched off.

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20 tips to make Xmas preparations easy

The amount of stress that comes with the annual celebration of the birth of a baby is incredible. Setting expectations, managing them, creating positive situations and happiness, it can be all a bit much. Having grown up in the Netherlands,

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Tips on how to deal with being bullied as an adult

Bullying in the playground is awful and easily recognizable. Usually adults interfere and help the situation change. But what if you are an adult and are ‘subtly’ being bullied by friends and family? Subtle adult bullying is more common than

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7 lessons from Gareth to apply in your world class family

Aren’t we all in awe of our England manager? Always immaculately dressed, measured in his comments and absolutely spot-on in his approach to create a strong team. And his approach is not just great for football teams, but will also

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How a mother prevents her daughter a place at Wimbledon

Elenor is a 29 year old woman, who is very upset about the relationship with her mum. ‘I always tried to do my best, I crave a compliment from her and I sooooooo want her to love me. Yet, I

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