bathI am just back from a conference, where I worked hard and long hours. But I loved it and I could manage it all, because I knew there was a spacious, light and clean bathroom in my hotel room, waiting for me to splash out in an oil scented, hot and relaxed tub. I took some candles with me and my iPhone did the trick with providing soothing music.


A way of recharging my batteries, that only took half an hour.

Just me.

Have you managed to get yourself into a bath and shut out the world? If it sounds to you like an indulgence, take note of the health benefits to realise, that it is actually a really good way of looking after yourself. One of these activities where pleasure and positive outcomes go hand in hand.

The benefits of having a bath are plentiful:

  1. Reduces stress and creates a calm mind
  2. Easy to absorb essential oils for specific support
  3. Stimulates the blood circulation
  4. Joint pain, muscle aches and tense muscles all come to a rest
  5. Good preparation for sleeping
  6. Stimulates weight loss
  7. Lowers blood pressure
  8. Cleanses the skin
  9. Reduces headaches, period pains, IBS
  10. Helps with coughs and colds

If you think you can’t find the time, it is time to be creative. The first step  is to download my free e-book ‘Create 30 more minutes a day!’ and learn the 5 steps to create half an hour a day, so you can have your bath and take advantage of the benefits and feeling great. Click here to receive the ebook.