When you control your fuel, you control your stress

Your daily dose of stress will help you safely through the motions of life. We all need a bit of a ‘kick up the bum’ to get into the right gear and perform. And when you get that bit of adrenaline going all goes faster and more efficient.

Nothing wrong with that.

But there is a BIG BUT! A little stress will go a long way and is very helpful. Too much stress will eat your energy and fun. And cause all those awful physical and mental issues, such as cardio vascular problems, IBS and depression.

It’s all daily stress control and here are 7 expert tips to do that.

  1. Get up 5 minutes earlier – your morning routine will all of a sudden be a pleasure and not a rush
  2. Plan your diary differently – don’t put the time of the start of the event but put in the time you need to leave
  3. When the fuel in your car is at 25%, replenish at a time that is convenient and don’t wait until you have to
  4. Always have at least 2 contingency meals in your freezer
  5. Get yourself a little booklet and write all your TTD down, at the time you think of it
  6. Always have something useful to do with you (some admin, a card that needs to be written, something you need to read, etc.) so waiting doesn’t become wasting
  7. Never underestimate the time a task will take and never overestimate your available time

These tips will make your daily life a lot less stressful. You are the one who takes control and your cortisol and adrenaline levels will be under control.

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