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A story of the devastating effects of stress and the benefits of de-stressing Carole H4Angela (not her real name for privacy reasons) had worked her whole life hard and conscientious and especially the last 20 years, when she was a single mum and built up her business in the property market. She loved her work, took on all jobs she could handle, and woke up regularly in the middle of the night to find out she had fallen asleep over her laptop. That is how much she loved working….. Even though Angela thrived on her business, the buzz and busy-ness, she forgot that in order to fully thrive, you need to look after yourself. Her body did not forget and let her know how unhappy it was by just stopping. ‘I had aches everywhere, I couldn’t stand up, my glands were swollen, my head hurt, I felt awful, and there was nothing I could do. My body had stopped. And not only my body, my head did not function either. I couldn’t remember if I had sent an email out or not, I had difficulty formulating sentences, my head felt fuzzy most of the time. And I felt angry, so angry, that I was not in control of my life anymore. Some force had taken over and that force made me very, very unhappy. Of course, I kept going as good and as bad as it was, but it got worse. As if meant to be, I met Mariette at an event and decided to talk to her. Straight carole H5away after the free phone coaching session with her, I decided to give coaching a go. Session 1 was a big surprise. I was nervous, as I am not used to anything like this, but when I entered the room, which Mariette calls the Zen Den, hearing some calming music, taking in the colours and the general atmosphere, I felt instantly at ease. And I knew I had come to the right place and that it was going to be all right. Chronic fatigue syndrome Mariette taught me to be gently on my ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) and build a relationship with it. She said, you better work at joining forces, because this condition will be with you for the rest of your life. We called my ME ‘Mimi’ and I now understand how Mimi fulfils a great job for me. She is there to guard me and to warn me if I am into overdrive for too long and are jeopardising my health. The most surprising thing that I learned and embraced was meditation. The first time Mariette gently guided me through 2 minutes, it was almost more than I could handle. And now, I just can’t do without the practice anymore. Every morning, it is the first thing I do. Sometimes I do a guided meditation, but more often I practice by myself. And when something difficult happens, I withdraw and do a meditation and then it is never as bad as it was. Brilliant. I have learned lots of different techniques to keep myself in tune with my body and mind; I am more intuitive than I ever was and I feel in control of my life. Life coaching Surrey Mariette has a great way of working; she has a knack to saying the right things in just a few words, she doesn’t lecture and in a session it almost feels as if I am talking to a friend. Even though I felt totally lost, angry and desperate at the start, Mariette always made it light, without degrading the situation and her way is informal, even though in retrospect, I can see the structure. She made me think and I discovered loads of new things: about myself, the world, other people, how I was trapped in habitual thinking and how to break that cycle. The whole process has been life changing. I am a different woman than 3 months ago, happier and feel freer than I have ever been. And I know I will never return to my old self, as I have all the skills and tools now to keep myself healthy and happy. And Mimi? She knocks on the door to warn me, I might have a cup of tea with her, but I won’t let her stay anymore.’ Sometimes, all you need to keep yourself healthy, is half an hour a day to retreat from the world around you. If you want to learn how to create 3o minutes a day of quality ME time, why not download the free ebook by clicking here Carole, Property Entrepreneur, Surrey To read other people’s experiences, click here To sign up for Mariette’s FREE hints and tips, click here  Download the FREE ebook ME time