Meditation for busy people

Meditation is hot.

It has proven to help with lots of different conditions: depression, insomnia, high blood pressure, migraines and more.

Meditators notice they feel calmer, more focused and are more productive.

Research shows how the brain changes as a result of regular meditation and improves cognitive abilities, memory and creativity.

So, if you are not meditating yet, you are disadvantaging yourself.

Time to get cracking in the easiest way possible.

Three options for learning how to do meditation below

There is a brilliant award winning programme out there, which is available for FREE. It is brilliant because it is based on a one minute practice – there is no excuse of time -, it has proven record of changes in body and mind – better sleep, more focus and no more stomach churning -, and you can do it anywhere and everywhere.

Mariette’s Award Winning Meditation (MOMM Mariette’s One Minute Meditation) is available for you. Just click here.

Practical and relaxing meditation course

Having learned the one minute, most people are keen to go that step further. And quite rightly so. You can have your online individual sessions with Mariette and learn how to use your breath, your senses and your body for a total re-energising, relaxing and refocusing practice. This complete course involves mindfulness meditation and you will receive a series of downloads and theory sheets.

Spiritual meditation course

More of a spiritual person? Keen to engage your chakras, invite love and peace and experience working with healing light? This 3 session course is for you. From the comfort of your own home, you will learn and experience the connection with the Universe, its healing powers and its beauty and peace. Meditation downloads are part of this course.

Dr Mariette Jansen uses meditation tools to help her clients in the way that works for them. She has been actively meditating for decades and done a range of courses and retreats. Her approach is to make the practice accessible for busy people, effective and practical.