Sometimes life changes come from unexpected angles!

Valerie Merrill

Valerie Merrill

About a year ago I met Valerie, an extremely busy business woman, at a networking meeting; we talked about different subjects and a little bit about my meditation workshops. A few months later she came along to a workshop, and the next one and really liked the experience. So she said…

The facts: a hectic life, lots of unhealthy eating habits, de-stressing in the wrong way, and a flu bug.

The feelings: rock bottom, old, tired, overwhelmed by things to do, low on energy, low in spirit.

The change: the first step was that she kept thinking about the meditations. ‘I really loved the way I felt during your workshops¸ but I couldn’t do it by myself.’ Valerie acted out on her thoughts and booked a private tuition session where we went through specific meditations, based on her situation. This helped to get going on her own.
‘I also joined The Meditation Wave, which is only one minute, and that helped a lot.’
When I ask her how that helped Valerie explains: ‘What shifted in me was that the meditations made me realise how important it is to put myself first. I have been always too busy and too unaware really. But as I was running on empty, I knew I had to do something. And the meditation practices suited me to the ground. It offered me structure and I could easily fit it in. I have always been a lazy person, you see’, she laughs, but as changing diets, exercise and work pressure seemed difficult, the meditations were a real pleasure. ‘It felt good to do it, and it was for me.’

‘Things in this world are not always as we wish. When we cannot change circumstances outside of us, we can still change ourselves; and that, often, can help us reach the same goal.’
Heart Sutra (Buddhist studies)

This is exactly what Valerie did. She started by making a profound change in her lifestyle, by taking time out on a regular basis. Nothing else changed, but her response to her world changed.

‘I am a convert; I believe in relaxation and meditation techniques. My work is still hectic, the expectations might be even higher, but my response is different. The clutter is not overwhelming, it is manageable. I also stopped fretting. The daily practice helps me to prioritise and my energy is replenished. What is very interesting as well, is that I started a different eating regime (healthy), and stopped drinking wine. It seems that the meditation helps me to look at these changes more relaxed than before. Absolutely amazing!’
It is great for me to hear the experience of a ‘convert’, as I know that meditation is key for my health and happiness, and I am not alone! Which I knew anyway, but good to hear it so clearly.
And as I believe there is no such thing as co-incidence¸ we were destined to meet at that network event,…… as a Chinese proverb says: ‘The teacher comes along when the student is ready’.

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