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Mariette Jansen’s life story: how I got where I am today….

Feeling lost Mariette Jansen Hiya, this is all about Mariette Jansen and how I got where I am today…. and I am still on my  journey. Will I ever arrive? It has been tough and challenging at times. My wish

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How to recognise psychological manipulation

Manipulation is controlling something or someone to your advantage. Manipulators are people who will use whatever it takes to get what they want. It doesn’t matter that it is at the expense of others, that they twist the truth, make

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How to recognise a narcissistic mother

Mothers have an enormous influence on the development and happiness of their children. A primary relationship that can make or break a person. Luckily, damage that is done in childhood can be repaired, through coaching, processing and learning. One of

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