Stressed shoes

Stimuli in our environment have a direct impact on your stress levels.

Think of sounds, think of smells and think of visual stimuli.

Gentle music makes you feel relaxed, natural fragrances have a calming effect and a minimalistic room makes you feel chilled out.

Sensory input

Your brain receives the information via sensory stimuli and processes what comes in. If your brain receives a lot of information at one time, it has to work overtime organising it all and make sense of it. Very stressful!

Visual stimuli

One of the easy ways to reduce stress is by limiting the sensory input to your brain, so there is less to process. Like creating visual order. You know that being in an ordered environment makes you feel calmer. Reason being that a visual impression of order is perceived by your brain as peaceful.


Imagine entering your house and the first thing your eyes register are a ‘bundle’ of shoes. Like on the photo. Your system immediately goes into a state of alert, trying to make sense of the visual information and checking the level of safety. Your system is in stress mode!

Then, imagine entering your house and the first thing your eyes and brain register are a line of neatly lined shoes.

Destressed shoes

Your system notices elements (shoes), neatly organised, easy to recognise and not causing any distress.

Destressing made easy

Straight lines and a clear overview reduce visual stress. If you are looking to destress, make the effort to line everything up. Create the illusion of organisation and control and feel immediately less stressed.

You can apply this principle in the kitchen, the office, on your desk, the cupboard, the handbag and anywhere else.

Destressing made easy!

What to do when ‘life gets in the way’ and all your plans fly out of the window?

Sometimes stress has a very different cause and you might be attached to it.

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