TV show From Victim to Victor episode 2

In this show I spent time with Gina Farrar, founder of the successful podcast Feminine Roadmap, public speaker and designer of the course ‘Your Midlife Masterpiece Plan’. Gina’s work is aimed to support women to create a happy and purposeful life, after 50.

Are you feeling bad and sad about growing older? What is the alternative? Dying….. Is that really an alternative? Or is it more helpful to step into the power that midlife brings? The opportunities? No, it wouldn’t be the page 3 girl. It also wouldn’t be trashing the national record of the marathon. But what could it be?

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Gina and I have in common that we were both ‘good girls’ when we were small. This is a typical survival technique for children who are feeling unsafe in their environment.

Not being naughty also often means that you are not being seen. Which is a good place to be when emotional and physical abuse is taking place.

It is a typical victim position and unfortunately, children are not in a position to step out of it for numerous reasons. Financial and practical dependency, mental and emotional ability is not yet developed and the overriding urge and need to be loved by the parents are keeping them in victim mode.

Gina kept herself safe from direct abuse but watched it happening to others. The powerless position of not being able to make changes to the situation and her inability to speak up led to a huge anger issue.

Being bubbly and positive, but when triggered being consumed with anger, became a problem after her first daughter arrived. She wanted to be a fun mum in a balanced family and knew that could only happen if she changed herself.

Gina’s most profound experiences are connected with women. She found Bonnie, who became her mentor and guided her through a process that took up 6 years. Leading Gina on her journey from victim to victor.

She has two daughters, who she has a beautiful relationship with and she is active in numerous women’s communities and organisations.

She met interesting women, with great stories, knowledge and experiences and wanted to give them a voice. Hence, the podcast Feminine Roadmap, which kicked off on New Year’s Eve 2017. Gina was a pioneer, who experienced sometimes her old angry feelings flaring up due to the technology challenges. Having done over 250 episodes is a massive achievement and not only has she created an important source of valuable information, but also a warm community, a tribe, which you can join here.

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