You don’t have to search far to find some deep truth about life. How about this little song, known by virtually everyone. It has some great life lessons in it.

Row row row – put the effort in to move forward.

This would translate as: if you want to make something of your life it requires effort, one way or another. If you lay in bed, nothing will happen.

Your boat – row your own boat, not somebody else’s. Don’t let anyone else row your boat either. This means: just live your life, not somebody else’s life and don’t allow others to live via you.

Gently – move it naturally, don’t force it.

The lesson: live with love and care. Don’t bash about.

Down the stream – there is no point rowing up the stream. It will take a lot of energy and won’t get you anywhere.

The message: live in alignment with who you are, follow your passion and go with the flow.

Merrily, merrily, merrily – enjoy the journey

The advice: look for joy, go for happiness, feel it

Life is but a dream – it’s your choice to make it a dream or a nightmare……

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