Fear of retirement

And create the life you are meant to live…..

Are you similar to Sally or John?

Fearful of retirement

Sally is about to retire. Because she has been busy all her life with work, raising a family and looking after her husband, she fears the empty hours and is not sure what to do next in her life.

fear of retirement

Fear of retirement

John has retired and thought playing golf each day of the week was going to be heaven. He discovered it is not. It is more like hell. But what else is there for him?

Limiting beliefs

Both Sally and John are affected by their belief systems. Sally is full of fear and can’t think properly. John started to build his ‘new’ life around his fantasy of joy (golf), which out of the context of work becomes the opposite.


If you want to step into the future with confidence and structure, this upcoming workshop is for you. An interactive, life changing experience ‘How to escape the cage of age’, is taking place on Saturday 18th March, from 10 – 16 in Kingston-upon-Thames. More details here.

During this day you will be unravelling your deeply held thoughts and beliefs around ageing, understanding what is holding you back and what will move you forward, being clear about how you want your life to be and then taking action to create the rest of your life.

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Your facilitators

Dr Mariette Jansen

Mariette was always late in life…….. When she went to university she got her doctorate about 3 years later than most others, was wild in her mid 30’ish, found the love of her life at 37, had her first baby at 40 and the second at 44. Started her own coaching business at 50+ and is continuously developing new projects. The cage of age?

Dr Robert Owen

Turning 50 Robert thought how he could keep himself heathy and fit for as long as possible. Over the last twenty years he took a doctorate in education and managed his health issues, which included high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. He currently works as a psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, group facilitator and educational consultant. He now has over twenty years’ experience of facilitating adult groups, individual and relationship counselling.

For more information call Dr Mariette Jansen on 07967 717 131 or Dr Robert Owen 07958 369 832