first time experience

First time experience parasailing. Nerve racking but sensational

My teenage son is having a whale of a time. And it’s great to see that grin on his face, feeling his excitement and hearing the stories. He loves his life, he is excited and even though he loves his long sleep-ins, he is also easily hopping out of bed to start with his day.

Part of the excitement is discovering life and having ‘first time’ experiences. First time driving, festivals, sex, holidays with friends, camping, getting drunk and more.

For most of us those times are way behind us. But even though it might feel as if all the big ‘first times’ have past, there is more to be had.

What is important about first times?

Any first time is about learning. Learning is important to keep yourself in an optimal mental condition. Research indicates that learning new things will reduce the risk of Alzheimer.

It is about being open minded. If you are looking for first timers, you have to let go of control, you could make yourself vulnerable and you are opening up to change.

It strengthens creativity. Instead of going on automatic pilot, you need to actively look, think and seek for new stuff. Creativity relieves stress, increases and renews brain function and improves your mood according to different studies. 

It helps you to feel  more confident as you discover you can do more than you thought you good.

It’s fun! And it is not that difficult.

The first timers I have experienced recently are:

  • A new recipe each week
  • Reading books I don’t necessarily instantly feel attracted to
  • Parasailing on holiday – yes, that is a big one
  • Trying out different classes at the gym
  • On the list for next year is attending a rock choir and checking out if singing is something for me

I would love you to create an exciting life by consciously creating first-timers in your life and feel like my 18 year old!

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