how can i improve my time management

How can I improve my time management?

Lots of us have to face the challenge of jobs we don’t like, but have to do. Often we put them off, only to make it more difficult to start them. Procrastination, overwhelm and even anxiety can be the result. And of course, the job gets bigger.

Think of the pile of admin that grows each day. The house that gets dirtier and messier each day (this is my big thing). And the loft that needs sorting out.

The way to handle these challenges is in baby steps. Baby steps which translate in 10 minutes slots. Set a timer and start tackling the admin. Timer goes, you stop. But, you will do it again tomorrow. Domestic jobs? Set the beep, race through the kitchen and try to create as big a change as possible. Beep goes, drop it all. Go to the loft, take out one box, sort it out and by then your 10 minutes will be up and you can leave the rest for another day.

The magic of these 10 minutes slots:

  • It is achievable – anyone can find 10 minutes
  • It is non-demanding – you can do anything for 10 minutes
  • You are creating a change in your mindset – You prove to yourself each day that you can do it
  • It is effective, you are working towards your result – in due course, you will get there
  • It is a positive feeling – you take charge of your challenge

However, this positive action can easily be undone if your internal dialogue kills it off.

My client the other week said it really helped her to start off with sorting out and clearing a range of folders with old paperwork. It had bugged her for years and every time she saw the folders she felt negative feelings. ‘I should have done it earlier’, ‘I hate doing this’, ‘I can’t stand it’ and then walked away from it. Too much, too difficult, too boring. But knowing she would feel better once she had done it.

Don’t poopoo your baby steps

This same client, however, was then really sabotaging her positive action by thinking herself and telling me: ‘Well, I have done ONLY 10 minutes’ and ‘Pffff, I still have a lot to do’. These thoughts are totally undermining her efforts and her results. There is no need to look at the bigger picture, the only thing to do is to look at the one and only action you decided to take – now. Celebrate that action, compliment yourself on doing it and repeat it the next day. Before you know it you are up to date with admin, have a clean house and a spacious loft.

Good luck. Let me know how you get on.

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