intelligence and age

Intelligence and age

Who is jumping for joy at the idea of getting older?

Who is feeling some fear?

And who wants to be an ostrich and pretend it is not going to happen?

Most people are ambivalent about getting older. There is the ‘I feel more myself, I am more comfortable saying no and I am looking forward to have more time to do what I love doing’. But there is also the ‘I am concerned about my health, dementia runs in my family and lots of people get very lonely’.

A mixture of joy and fear.

What is key to a happy and healthy last stage in life is a positive and active approach to it. You can’t sit on the sofa and expect it is all going to be honky dory. Healthy ageing requires actions.

It is about actively keeping mind, body and emotions in good nick. Want to make a start? Click here.

Intelligent Ageing, the experts in ageing without getting old, have written a designed a FREE ebook with ’18 super tips to stay young while growing older’. If you are interested, just click here.

Intelligent Ageing is set up by Dr Mariette Jansen and Dr Robert Owen.

Intelligent Ageing founding team

More about them:

Dr Mariette Jansen

Mariette was always late in life…….. When she went to university she got her doctorate about 3 years later than most others, was wild in her mid 30’ish, found the love of her life at 37, had her first baby at 40 and the second at 44. Started her own coaching business at 50+ and is continuously developing new projects. The cage of age?

Dr Robert Owen

Turning 50 Robert thought how he could keep himself heathy and fit for as long as possible. Over the last twenty years he took a doctorate in education and managed his health issues, which included high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. He currently works as a psychotherapist, relationship counsellor, group facilitator and educational consultant. He now has over twenty years’ experience of facilitating adult groups, individual and relationship counselling.

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