relationship without arguments

Relationship issues are ventilated in arguments. That works as long as you argue in a positive way.

Relationships are connections between unique and individual people. Each with their own history, mental and emotional space, preferences, ideas and ideals. When people get close to each other, it can be challenging to accept each other’s traits. Some might get in your way and require adaptation. Some might push you forward and require courage.

One of the ways to look at relationships is that it is all about negotiating differences. How do you deal with those? Is it about getting your way all the time and creating a clone of yourself? Or is it about celebrating differences and learn from each other?

Whatever it is, there is an art to argue and use arguments as a building block for a stronger relationship where respect, honesty and understanding play important roles. We haven’t learned how to argue positively and the infographic below gives you some ideas and quick reminders. As well as the articles on this website.

Relationship issues can easily be solved if you learn the skill of arguing. Take on board these tips

The best way to keep your relationship safe and sane is by setting standards for arguing before you start an argument.

When everything is happy and peaceful, it might be a good thing to discuss what role and argument would play in your relationship. Is it to get closer to each other? Could it be to protect your boundaries and your own space? Would it be to get clarity about each others idea? Without the need to agree… It is very healthy to agree to disagree, as long as that is done from a point of respect.

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