Tarot cards never lie

Support from the tarot and life coaching

Every few months I meet with Polly, who gives me guidance via her tarot cards. It has helped to have faith in the A level results of my son last year. It has given me guidance on the next step in my business and when I face decisions, the cards will help me to make the right ones.

Polly Harnett, psychic medium and tarot card reader

Tarot card reader

Polly Harnett is a well-known international spiritual medium and intuitive tarot card reader. Her readings have helped me to stay focussed, make decisions and trust life events. We join forces in this very special offer where you receive a one hour reading with Polly, followed by a coaching session with me.

For the price of £110 you will be able to feel prepared for upcoming life events and able to take actions that support your happiness and well-being.

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Tarot cards are powerful messengers. Always aimed to give you guidance and clarity. You don’t have to worry about negative messages. Sometimes the cards will point out that there is a challenge coming up – that is what life is about anyway – but it gives you information on how to deal with it and often also what the ultimate outcome will be. A tarot card reading can bring up a lot of information and can feel overwhelming. That’s where the coaching session comes in. Helping to structure and prioritise the messages that have been presented in your reading and create an action plan. Life coaching is an empowering process. Always aimed to help you make decisions and take action. The combination of these two forms a brilliant instrument if you want to know in which direction your life is moving. Especially helpful if you have to make life changing decisions.Read here about the 5 benefits of this combination here.