why is it important to look after yourself

Why is it important to look after yourself – Meditation and beanbags, like visiting heaven

Let me ask you a question: how well do you look after yourself?

Most likely, you will make sure your body is clean and dressed in the right way to protect you from external influences. You might do regular exercise and be aware of what you feed your body.

And what are you doing for your mind? How do you clean your mind, how do you protect your mind from external influences? What exercise do you do and what are you feeding your  mind?

On average you have 60.000 thoughts a day running through your head. How are you going to manage those? Well, you’ll know if you don’t manage as your thoughts go round and round in circles, wounding you up, making you stressed and anxious and just feeling as you have no control, whatsoever.

This is the result of you having no idea how to look after your mind. And then, when your mind goes wild, you are asking for a break…… Your mind is not going to give you one.


It is not that crazy difficult as the all-inclusive tool for cleaning, protecting, exercising and feeding your mind and your mind set is MEDITATION. Even if you haven’t done any meditation before, I am offering you the easiest tool ever: Mariette’s One Minute Meditation – my award winning one minute meditation technique.

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Easy and effective meditaion. Give your mind a break, 5 times a day for just one minute and notice how you change, how life changes and how you gain control.And to top it all up, drape yourself on one of those lovely beanbags – the perfect position to rest your body, so it is easier to rest your mind. A must for the serious meditator. They are not only comfy, they also keep you warm.