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7 steps to stop emotional eating

We all have these days when nothing goes our way: client is not happy, date is cancelled, weather is grey, hormones are playing up and it leaves you feeling low, deprived, restless. But there is a glimmer on the horizon:

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7 signs you are developing an eating disorder

Do you start new diets all the time? Are you not happy with your body? Do you wonder if your behaviour around food is ‘normal’? Is food and weight loss a big thing in your life? These can all point

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The no-diet diet: lose 7 pounds or more in 3 weeks

Feel healthy, happy, in control and enjoy your food. Our three week programme: The Successful Mindset to EatWright is an effective way to come off your addiction to cake, or ice cream or crisps. It conditions your body it can

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Hidden eating disorder in journalist William Cook

When I met journalist William Cook, he was very kind and very apprehensive. As part of an assignment for The Guardian he was willing to ‘undergo’ a series of coaching sessions to find out how it works, and if it

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The stress of diets and scales….

Scales create stress There are women, lots of them, who weigh themselves daily. Everyone knows, even the ones on the scales, that body weight is influenced by fluid retention, which is influenced by hormones, sports activities and general health. A

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If you don’t feel in control of your life, too busy and drained, it is time to make a few simple changes. Just follow my 5-step strategy to get back on track. Download here.

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