So not true if you have an eating disorder

Do you start new diets all the time?

Are you not happy with your body?

Do you wonder if your behaviour around food is ‘normal’?

Is food and weight loss a big thing in your life?

These questions can all point towards the development of an eating disorder. As an experienced non-diagnosed sufferer of Bulimia Nervosa and a trained psychotherapist/coach, I have put together 7 indicators that will put you on the sliding scale of an eating disorder.

Eating disorder

Be honest with yourself. An eating disorder is nothing to be ashamed of.

  1. You know exactly how many calories / sugar / carbs are in normal food – I knew the calories of all the food around
  2. You are on the scales at least once a day – I was on the scales between 3 and 6x a day
  3. The results of your weighing is affecting how you feel the rest of the day – my mood was happy and positive if I had lost weight, dark and desperate if I had gained
  4. You plan everything you eat in advance – I could tell you what I had eaten the last week and what I was going the eat the coming week
  5. You get anxious when you can’t stick to your planning – going out for a spontaneous meal was very stressful
  6. You look at life as ‘good days’ and ‘bad days’ – I had more bad days than good days, but the judgment had all to do with what I had eaten
  7. You beat yourself up all the time – I found myself extremely stupid and weak, not even being able to stick to my plan of what I was going to eat

If you recognise more than three of the above, it is time to step back and instead of counting calories or starting a new diet, look inside to find out what you are running away from……

There are several selfhelp books around for eating disorders, maybe you can find support on-line or book a FREE call with me to check out how I can help you. Have been there for a long time…………………

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