age is merely a number

Age is merely a number

Is age a number, a mindset or a downhill journey?

  • Do you hate getting older?
  • Do you dread reaching your next decade (30-40-50-60-70)?
  • Do you never tell others how old you are?

Recently I attended a meeting where Tricia Cusden was the speaker. She started a new business at the age of 65 and managed to grow it into a global company within 5 years. At the age of 71, she has the time of her life and is one of the most inspirational entrepreneurs around. Her business, Look Fabulous Forever, offers make-up for women over 50 and is all about celebration and changing the stigma of ageing.

Tricia talked about the philosophy behind her company and I translated it in my own way.

  1. Change anti-ageing into pro-ageing. How can you be anti if the alternative means you are dead? Every day you open your eyes you are one day older, you receive the gift of another day and new experiences.
  2. Celebrate the life and getting older. There is the option to zoom in on everything that you lose in the process (flexibility, eyesight, body shape, etc), but there is also the option to look at what you gain (experience, self-awareness, insights, etc).
  3. Age is never a reason to not do things. There might be the need to adapt, like the marathon runner changes towards a 10K, but there are always options.
  4. With age usually comes fewer obligations. And a life of obligation can turn into a life of inspiration. Knowing your mission in life invites more meaning and fulfilment. If you are interested in discovering your mission statement (Why are you here), click here. It is a coaching programme I have been offering for over a year now with great success. Read more about here

This is what I wrote earlier this year when I turned 60. All pro ageing, no anti-ageing

Today is a wonderful day because I am celebrating my 60th birthday. I am excited, happy, and immensely grateful to have reached this day in good health and great spirits. At the age of 36, I started living, so I am sort of only 24 🙂 and my life only gets better and better. Met the love of my life at 37, had baby number 1 at 40 and number 2 at 44. Found my mission in life at the age of 55 and have been working accordingly. Of course, life and living take effort and being healthy and happy is a continuous work in progress. But it is exciting and interesting. Thank you all who have been or are still part of my journey and I am adamant to ‘make the rest of my life the best of my life’.