focus on breathing benefits

Focus on breathing benefits. Maybe not happy, but breathing and alive

Breathing is what determines life or death. The one and the only action you need to take to stay alive. The first breath of a baby, usually a big screaming one, shows that this little person really is alive and when the last out-breath has left a body, the person will be declared dead.

But, that is just the mechanical side and the practical impact. There is so much more to it. It’s the carrier of your emotions, it’s the fuel for your cells and it’s the regulator of your mind.

Breathing benefits are numerous.

Emotional benefits of deep breathing

  • When you are nervous, your breathing becomes very shallow and superficial.
  • When relaxed, you breathe deeper and slower.
  • And think of your breathing when you are laughing…

Fuel for cells

Through a deep inhalation, your body receives oxygen while breathing out to the limit, you get rid of toxins that are stored in your lungs and in the action of deep inhalation you massage your organs and make your muscles work.

But…there is a negative side to how the cells are fed. When you have a ‘shock’ experience, you hold your breath and store the energy of this experience in your body. When you hold tension in your body, it is the storage of a difficult moment.

Focus on breathing benefits: Regulator of your mind

When you are nervous, your breathing becomes shallow and your mind is getting the message that it has to be on the alert. Which is another word for ‘stress’. When adapting your breathing from shallow to slow and deep, your brain translates that as ‘the panic is gone, the body relaxes, so I can relax’ and it won’t produce stress hormones, but happy hormones.

Having stored your ‘shock’ experience through the breath, you can clear these via the right technique. Not only releasing physical energy but also freeing up your mind.

Judith Davis – breath practitioner

Judith Davis, breath practitioner Surrey

Through training your breathing, you can change your personality, as Judith Davis, a specialist breathing practitioner and founder of Spinal Breath found out. She transformed her life by changing her breathing. Her relationships improved, her emotional burdens dissolved and her happiness levels were raised. Not via talking or analysing, just through learning to breathe in the right way. Judith:

‘I am passionate about breathing and have made it my mission to train people and offer them the chance for a similar experience – a happier, healthier life.’

The body is self-healing, and for the mind, one of its self-healing tools is breathing. As simple of that.

So, take a deep breath in… and enjoy all those breathing benefits.

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