Narcissists are known for their manipulation in both words and actions.

It is all about control and confusion and once you understand the meaning of their words, you become less susceptible to their manipualtion.

Below are a few translations of what they say and what they mean.

  1. I love you

Meaning: I love you when you give me attention and tell me how great I am. I love when I can control you. I love being the cat, playing with you like you are the mouse. The moment you don’t adhere to my wishes, I will find someone else. Because I only love what you offer me, not you as a person.

  1. I am doing everything I can for you

Meaning: just in case you forgot, I do things for you in order to keep you grateful for having me in your life. It is not a lot, but I blow it out of proportions and you believe me anyway. It is also a reminder for you to realise you would be nowhere and nothing without me.

  1. I am sorry you feel that way

Meaning: I am not sorry at all that I did what I did, I am sorry I got caught. I am sorry you’re calling me out and that I am being held accountable.

  1. You’re crazy

Meaning: I invalidate everything you say, even before you say it. That way I am always right and don’t have to listen to any possible criticism.

  1. You are hysterical

Meaning: you are showing emotions, which I don’t understand. I can’t deal with stuff I don’t understand and therefore it needs to be dismissed. Emotional intimacy is impossible territory for me. If I can’t go there, you can’t go either because it is out of my control zone.

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